Wednesday 22/10/2014
*********Interivew for the posts of Sr. Scale Stenographer and Steno Typist in the office of State Legal Services Authority, Addlitional Deluxe Building, Sector 9, UT, Chandigarh and Written Test for the post of Acconts Clerk, Librarian, Clerk and Driver in the Chandigarh Judicial Academy, Sector 43, Chandigarh on 28.10.2014. Admit Card already dispatched, if not received please contact the office State Legal Services Authority, UT, Chandigarh. Phone No. 0172-2742999 and 0172-2742888 *******

• State Legal Services Authority, UT, Chandigarh, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Punjab and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India are organizing a Reginal Colloquium on "Pure Food: A Fundamental Right" on 18th October, 2014 at Chandigarh Judicial Academy, Sector 43, Chandigarh


          The Parliament enacted the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987, and one of the aims for the enactment of this Act was to organize Lok Adalat to secure that the operation of legal system promotes justice on the basis of an equal opportunity. The Act gives statutory recognition to the resolution of disputes by compromise and settlement by the Lok Adalats.

          The concept has been gathered from system of Panchayats, which has roots in the history, and culture of this Country. It has a native flavor known to the people. The provisions of the Act based on indigenous concept are meant to supplement the Court system. They will go a long way in resolving the disputes at almost no cost to the litigants and with minimum delay. At the same time, the Act is not meant to replace and supplants the Court system. The Act is a legislative attempt to decongest the Courts from heavy burden of cases. There is a need for decentralization of justice.

          Accordingly, In order to achieve its aims and objectives and to sensitize the people about their legal rights and the aims and objectives of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, the State Legal Services Authority, U.T., Chandigarh has under his belt the following branches:


Lok Adalat at State Legal Services Authority, Sector 9, U.T. Chandigarh.


Permanent Lok Adalat at District Courts, Chandigarh.


Permanent Lok Adalat (Public Utility Services), at Sector 17 Chandigarh.


Legal Cell at Model Jail, Burail.



Establishment and Administrative control on the Authority as a whole;


Receiving of applications at pre-litigative stage;


Providing counseling and mediation to the persons approaching to the Authority

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